Carnival of Journalism: Future of Video

This month I’m hosting the Carnival of Journalism — a monthly compendium of smart ideas on the future of journalism — and need your brainpower.

The question we’re tackling:  “What is the role of online video in the newsroom of the future?”

I wouldn’t pose the question if I didn’t think this part of the industry had a future. However, I’ve found there’s a collective murkiness around what the future actually looks like. Newsrooms have had a complicated relationship with online video.  (More on the topic in the original post.)

So, tell me about your perspective: How do you use video in your day-to-day work, as a producer or as a consumer, and how do you think it ought to be used? Or tell me about your vision for the future: What works, in your eyes, and what does not? How do we harness this terrific medium and make it shine?

Even if you’re not closely connected to the topic, I hope you’ll take a stab at the issue. In fact, your perspective may provide a valuable view from the outside.

All the details on how to participate are in this Carnival of Journalism post.  The deadline to weigh in is Sept. 30 at 5 PM.  Hope you’ll join in!


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