My Next Chapter

Very exciting news: Next month I will join the Washington Post to help refine and guide its video strategy.

This is a role I never imagined. Sure, I raced my mother to the curb every morning to grab the paper, and yes, I took the school group tour of the fifth-floor newsroom.  But in my years as a budding journalist, working at a traditional “newspaper” was not an aspiration — I was a television guy.

Now, of course, the journalism world has changed.  “Newspapers” produce some of the most engaging interactive content online.  These are news organizations that took to the web early and have built an audience on the knowledge and skills of some very talented journalists. This is the time for smart newsrooms to get a handle on web video — and no, that does not mean putting television on “newspaper” websites.

The Post has exceptionally talented visual journalists and emerging digital leaders who have been doing this for years.  My charge is to help them hone, develop, and execute a video strategy that positions the organization well for the future.  I am excited to join a team that is trying new things and thinking hard about how the organization relates to the industry as a whole.

More details on my role to follow, but needless to say I am fired up to hit the ground running.

The flipside of this excitement is that I will be leaving my role as editorial director of J-Lab.  In my time here, I have grown remarkably and been afforded opportunities I also never imagined.  I was able to truly study innovation, particularly in local news, from the bird’s eye view to the hands-on.

The people we work with on a regular basis have made this experience all the more rewarding. I’ve crisscrossed the country, learning from entrepreneurs as they take risks and follow their passions.  I’ve enjoyed being part of the academic community at American University’s School of Communication.  And I’m honored to have worked with a team committed to the success of journalists on the ground.

And with that, it’s time to turn the page. This is at once a fascinating and daunting challenge.  You’re invited along for the ride.  If you have thoughts on the future of online video, let me know!


4 thoughts on “My Next Chapter

  1. Andy,

    I’ve had a chance to watch your career develop for a long time — almost 20 years! Luck is when opportunity and preparation meet. You’ve prepared for this opportunity — so good luck! The WashPo just picked a good one!

  2. Amazing! I think your new boss’s mom, Katherine, said it best: “To love what you do and feel that it matters — how could anything be more fun?”

    Congrtatulations to you on your continued career trajectory and to the Post on snaring not just a star, but an outstanding and exemplary young man. I’m SO proud of you!


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