Think Differently

This just blew my mind.  Forget searching for travel in the traditional Orbitz-Sidestep-Delta sort of way…

The old way.


Hipmunk takes that normally drab and painful experience and instead offers a visual representation of your options that makes it easier to find exactly the right flight. See it for yourself after the jump.

The smarter way.

Hipmunk is a fine example of thinking about something from a different angle.  Approaching it this way, the site improved the experience for the user.  It then delivers them back to a ticket-booking company.

It will even sort based on an “agony” index — a combination of price, duration and number of stops.

My kind of sort.

If only it could show you whether you’ll be stuck next to a talker, or wedged in a middle seat…

(h/t Mashable)


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