Hidely-ho, Neighbor!

We’re a few weeks away from moving into the Mount Pleasant section of D.C. [Flickr stream!], and I have to say it’s reassuring and refreshing to find so much there there.

Not only are there local blogs with strong followings, like The 42 Bus (whose namesake runs right by our place) and the Prince of Petworth, these sites actually have some journalism behind them.  And one even seems to be making some money from advertisers.

What’s more, there’s a decade-old, active listserv-turned-Yahoo! group (I’m hoping to be member #1296!).  Sure, there are “I lost my wallet” notices and crime and traffic alerts, but there are also news items that I want to know about, like the Commercial Revitalization Strategy the city is shopping around.

Dos Gringos: One reason this place is so Pleasant (Flickr photo by NCinDC)

These community members are giving me the sort of information about my (soon-to-be) new neighborhood that I want.  Plain and simple.  They’re not putting up paywalls or running interstitial ads that disrupt my viewing experience.  Heck, they don’t even have their hand out asking for donations.  They’re doing it for the greater good.  And I think that’s great.

When we finally move in, I’ll hope to buy them a cup of coffee at Dos Gringos (pictured) or a cookie at Heller’s Bakery.  Welcome to the (soon-to-be) neighborhood indeed.


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