Reloaded, all thanks to what was on the doorstep.

This is how my Sunday morning began, thanks to the New York Times:

There's a sample of Multi-Grain Cheerios in that bag!

I was thrilled, not just to race to the Sunday Styles section, but because we had run out of cereal. And so I was going to tweet this picture with something to the effect of: Brilliant, @nytimes!, you saved me a trip to the store; I’ll pay for an afternoon edition if there’s a chocolate bar — which was true, too.

Before the coffee could kick in, I realized not only did the NYT just make money off of Cheerios by delivering me their yummy sample and coupon (and not only did they make me very happy), but they may have also hit on a new model for newspapers: Why not deliver breakfast with every paper!?  The delivery system, for those who print their “content” on newsprint, is already in place.  And that has some value.

And with that, I frantically finished packing, drove for six hours and am now poised to embark on my new challenge in a few hours…

I’m assuming the role of editorial director at J-Lab tomorrow.  It’s a nonprofit institute that is focused on innovation in journalism.  We believe that there is a future for news — you know, the stuff that comes with your cereal delivery each morning.

I will be better about the blog, promise…


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