So, umm, where ya been?

It’s been a year.  And then some.  And in a cryptic post I explained that I was busy with work.

So here’s the deal: I was ready for a new professional challenge and had heard about this worldwideinterwebnets.  So I explained to the bosses that I was ready for something new, and at the same time, they were looking for someone to run our digital operation.  Timing really is everything.

And so, since last October, I’ve been through two major relaunches, a complete shift in newsroom operations and few exciting rides on the highs and lows of online journalism.  I’m quite proud of what this small group of very dedicated folks could do.  We’ve created a brand new product in the local marketplace, offering unique integrated advertising opportunities and cool social media functionality. It’s not for everyone, but you can’t say we’re not sure as hell trying hard to make it work.

Picture 4

I’ve loved (most of) it.  And continue to learn and grow (almost) every day.

So that’s the explanation.  And yes, I promise to get better about blogging more than once a year.


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