I’d like to suspend …my drinking party

This morning I was thinking: How nice would it be to gather a few friends together to watch the McCain/Obama slug-fest Friday night?   We’d make it a fun drinking game — maybe a shot each time McCain’s POW status was mentioned, a swig when either candidate used the word “change” (tho, my liver quickly objected to that idea).


Then, by this afternoon, McCain said, “thanks, but no thanks” to the first debate.  Unless an economic bailout deal can be reached by then.  (Read about it here.)  He’s “suspending” his campaign.  Sort of.

This evening, there’s more speculation flying around than bullets at a Wasilla moose farm:  Maybe McCain’s trying to show he’s more “Presidential”.  Maybe he’s trying to move the debates back so one (the VP, as the pundits punditted) would have to disappear.  Maybe he’s lost his marbles.  Or my thought, he knows a deal will be struck by Friday, so he can do this and look heroic when the debate goes on as scheduled.  Who really knows?

The one thing that impresses me is how it, sort of, came out of nowhere.  There was no massive stock slide today, losing 1,200 points.  There was no taunting from Obama about how McCain’s not treating the issue seriously.  Nothing! — except an apparent phone call from Obama suggesting a joint statement.

This is what makes politics both inexplicably exciting and incredibly irritating.  And now it’s forced me to announce:  I have decided to suspend my campaign …for a Friday night debate-watching drinking party.  You’re on your own.


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