when it works

This is a fine example of brand reinforcement.  And the confluence of events.  You let your content go on iTunes, restrict it on youtube, and reinforce it on-air.


That’s the key.  People went to CNBC.com because it’s connected to what they were watching on TV (which had the highest ratings since 2001).  People went to nbc.com because they know they can find clips there.  It’s the first logical place to go to find Fey as Palin.  (Tho, were it not for Tina Fey, I’m not sure they’d find 5.7M viewers.)  And they went to iTunes because, well, they go there.  So that’s the place to get your content seen.

And it helps when the markets tumble, there’s a comedian look-alike who nails it, and you make a solid business decision all in one week.


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